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Excessive Icons

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This community is for people to post large amounts of icons on whatever current obsession or theme they wish. I would have to ask that if you haven't made 30 or more of the same themed icons, please don't make a post here. This is called Excessive Icons and there are loads of other communities you can post to if you have less. Please see the rest of the guidelines for posting before posting as well.


I know, I know. Rules are annoying, but some are necessary. Please look over these before posting or using icons from this community.

1. Absolutely NO spamming, drama, arguments, trolling, disobeying rules or anything of that nature. You'll be banned for life if you do any of this. Changing usernames to abuse the community will not work either because IP addresses are recorded.

2. Please comment when taking icons and specify in some fashion which ones you are taking. Commenting is important so that people get feedback about how much you like their icons. If you don't comment, some of your favourite icon makers may stop posting! We need feedback.

3. Please credit! If you're not sure how to credit, you can see this tutorial to learn how. If using on another journal site, please credit as "(username)@LJ". Crediting is very important! The icon makers work very hard and deserve some kind of recognition and respect.

4. Don't hotlink! If you aren't sure what hotlinking is, please see this site for more information.

5. Do not edit icons unless the icon maker specifically says that they are bases and are open for customisation.

6. Do not make requests. If someone is willing to make you 30+ icons of the same kind, I'm sure they will make a post welcoming requests. Otherwise, don't do it!

7. Do make suggestions for the community in general on the community suggestion post.

Guidelines for Posting:

1. Do not post more than 3 icons outside of an LJ cut. Learn to use it if you don't know how.

2. Do not post less than 30 icons on one particular theme in a post.

3. Only post your own original icons.

4. Choose a specific theme. Try to avoid vague themes such as "films". Let us know what to expect and actually be excessively posting on a particular topic. If your theme is "penguins" or even "winter" the community members have much more of an idea of what kind of icons to expect; with "films", there are just too many possibilities!


1. I want to affiliate, how can I?

Please use this post to enquire about affiliating.

More to come in this section. This community is brand new for the moment.

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